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My room mate thinks it’s complementary, but I find it highly annoying. I feel threatened and mocked when guys catcall to me. I always found men tend to do it to make fun of women

YEAH!! i totally agree

and they always yell shit like OH YEAH LOOK AT THAT ASS GIRL HAHAHA laughs to their man guy friends and that really doesnt sound complementary to me lol

why dont you just walk up to a woman and say “hey i think youre really pretty have a nice day” i guarantee u thats gonna get you laid rather than yelling at a girl walking down the street while you zoom past her in your car with your man gang

??????? think abot it

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i have both of them! they’re like the best of friends and kidd went to chevre’s bday party!

oh my god same 

they are so adorable..cant get enough of them u_u


I love following your blog, reading all your text post and loving the good vibes your sending out. Your art is like the final icing on the cake =)


thank uu very much

passion is so wonderful

i think, oftentimes, people are poked fun at for being passionate about something,”oh that’s wierd, you’re wierd, what are you, obsessed?”

nah man, that’s why the world is so beautiful, because its inhabited by people with this fire and devotion

let’s all strive to be passionate people

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I’m going UwU!


who is going to ax 

i am 

come holla at me ill be walking around with a wiener strapped to my head

elect me as president and i shall decree that all men wear manskirts, crop tops and 20’s swim wear

the people we look up to should inspire us and empower us, not make us feel inferior and ashamed

my ocs are gross they are my pride and joy

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